- Chair: Jim Bailey
- Ralph Valentino
- Scott Hoernke
- Tom Drozd
- Steve Kewer
- Andreas Moffett
- Suzanne Whaley
- Board of Trustees Liaison: Jim Zook

- The Architectural Review Board strives to ensure that properties in Little Rocky Run are being maintained to high standards via community-wide inspections, reviewing ARB applications that pertain to property and structural modifications, as well as addressing compliance with the Community Rules and Standards.
Monthly Meetings:
- Applications for review by the Architectural Review Board are due by 5:00 P.M. on the first Friday of each month unless otherwise noted (please review deadline dates in the monthly newsletter).
- These applications will be discussed and either approved or denied by the ARB at their monthly meeting on the third Monday of each month (unless otherwise noted). Meetings start at 7:00 P.M. and are held at Rec Center 2 (6201 Sandstone Way, Clifton, VA 20124).
- The Architectural Review Board is always looking for new members to join this committee. If you are interested in joining this committee, have questions about the ARB or the application process, please contact the HOA Office by calling 703-830-0411 or emailing

Submitting an ARB Application:
- Applications are required whenever a resident wants to change the way their home or property looks. A list of pre-approved alterations is shared in the Community Rules and Standards
- Applications can be found here and in the HOA Office. 
- A correctly-filed application includes:
     - Resident name, address and phone number.
     - A written description of the proposed alteration that includes the color, style, location, sizes and materials that will be used.
     - Please include any photos, catalog illustrations, architectural plans or any other information that describes the proposed alteration.
     - For alterations that require a color change, the paint name and a sample color palate from the manufacturer are required. In some cases, a larger sample (12" square) of each proposed color may be required. 

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