Board of Trustees

President: Jim Zook
Vice President: Scott McAuliffe
Secretary: Earl Ham
Treasurer: Rich Merker
Trustee: Robert dos Santos
Trustee: Dan Hill
Trustee: David Ritchey

Meeting Dates:
-April 6, 2023
-May 4, 2023
-June 8, 2023
-July 20, 2023
No August meeting
-September 7, 2023
-October 5, 2023
-November 2, 2023
-December 7, 2023
-January 11, 2024
-February 8, 2024
-March 14, 2024 (regular and annual)


Little Rocky Run Homeowners Association Board of Trustees Election - Annual Meeting Results
The 2023 Annual Meeting of the Little Rocky Run Homeowners Association was held on Thursday, March 9, 2023.
The purpose of the meeting was to elect members to the Little Rocky Run Board of Trustees. Three (3) members  ran for (3) positions.  A quorum of 307 the members participated in person or by proxy. The following individuals were re-elected to the Board for 2 year terms.
Robert dos Santos
Dan Hill
Scott McAuliffe