Little Rocky Run has 14 playgrounds located throughout the community for the enjoyment of all LRR residents and their guests. 
The playgrounds are open from sunrise to sunset.  If you find a playground in need of service, please contact the HOA Office at or at 703-830-0411.
Playground #1 - Sunset Ridge Road
Playground #2 - Clay Spur Court and Rockton Court
Playground #3 - Rockton Court and Braddock Creek Road
Playground #5 - Clarendon Springs Place, Spruce Run Court and Wakley Court
Playground #6 - Waterdale Court and Forest Pond Court
Playground #7 - Barren Springs Court and Water Springs Court
Playground #8 - Recreation Center #1
Playground #9 - Wildflower Lane
Playground #10 - Sequoia Lea Drive and Jasper Lane
Playground #11 - Springstone Drive
Playground #12 - Sandstone Way
Playground #13 - South Springs Drive
Playground #14: Rockland Drive
Playground #15 - Stonefield Drive, Stonebrook Court and Laurel Rock Court