Waste Collection

American Disposal Services (ADS) is the waste disposal provider for Little Rocky Run. If you have any questions or comments, please contact ADS at 703-368-0500 or visit www.americandisposal.com.

Waste Collection Schedule:
     Single-Family Homes:
          - Trash: Thursday
          - Recycling: Thursday
          - Yard Waste: Wednesday
          - Trash: Tuesday and Friday
          - Recycling: Tuesday
          - Yard Waste: Wednesday

Service Reminders
     Household Waste:
          - Place all household waste in containers with a tight-fitting lid! 
          - Eliminate placing bags outside of containers as much as possible!
          - Limit the amount of waste whenever possible.
          - Drain all liquids and rinse containers before placing them in a recycling bin/container.
          - ALL cardboard boxes MUST be broken down before placed into or besides containers. 
          - Glass is NOT recyclable. Fairfax County has placed purple glass recycling bins at numerous collection sites throughout the county. More information can be found here.