Waste Collection

American Disposal Services (ADS) is the waste disposal provider for Little Rocky Run. If you have any questions or comments, please contact ADS at 703-368-0500 or visit www.americandisposal.com.

Waste Collection Schedule:
     Single-Family Homes:
          - Trash: Thursday
          - Recycling: Thursday
          - Yard Waste: Saturday (Until January 9, 2021)**
          - Trash: Tuesday and Friday
          - Recycling: Tuesday
          - Yard Waste: Saturday (Until January 9, 2021)**
** Yard Waste will be collected on SATURDAY until January 9, 2021. After this date, yard waste can be put out for collection with regular waste collection until normal service resumes in the spring. **
***Christmas Trees will be collected by American Disposal Services on January 2nd and January 9, 2021. AFter this, Christmas trees can be placed out for normal waste collection.***

Service Reminders
     Household Waste:
          - Place all household waste in containers with a tight-fitting lid! 
          - Eliminate placing bags outside of containers as much as possible!
          - Limit the amount of waste whenever possible.
          - Drain all liquids and rinse containers before placing them in a recycling bin/container.
          - ALL cardboard boxes MUST be broken down before placed into or beside containers. 
          - Glass is NOT recyclable. Fairfax County has placed purple glass recycling bins at numerous collection sites throughout the county. More information can be found here.