Parking Info

Townhome Parking Assignments
  • The Board of Trustees have assigned an equal number of parking spaces to each of the lot owners in the particular Neighborhoods
    • Section 1: Rock Forest Neighborhood (Rock Forest Court)
    • Section 2: Clarendon Spring Neighborhood (Clarendon Springs Court)
    • Section 3: Rocky Run Circle Neighborhood (Waterdale Court)
    • Section 4: Forest Pond Neighborhood (Forest Pond Court)
    • Section 5: Barren Springs Neighborhood (Barren Springs Court, Water Springs Court)
    • Section 6: Spruce Run Neighborhood (Spruce Run Ct)
    • Section 7: Clarendon Springs West Neighborhood (Clarendon Springs Place)
    • Section 8: Rockdale Neighborhood (Rockdale Court)
    • Section 9: Westwater Neighborhood (Westwater Court)
    • Section 10: Wildbrook Neighborhood (Wild Brook Court)
    • Section 11: Wildbrook Neighborhood (Wakley Court)
    • Section 12: Water Pond Neighborhood (Water Pond Court)
    • Section 13: Clay Spur Neighborhood (Clay Spur Court)
    • Section 14: Rockton Neighborhood (Rockton Court)
    • Section 15: Woods Run Neighborhood (Woods Run Court, Rock Landing Court)
    • Section 16: Waterflow Neighborhood (Waterflow Court, Waterflow Place)
    • Section 00: Sunset Ridge Neighborhood (Giant Oak Court, Meadow Crest Court, Deer Hill Court, Chestnut Hollow Court, Rabbit Hill Court, Sunset Ridge Court)
    • Section 65: Sequoia Neighborhood (Little Brook Court, Wildflower Lane, Jasper Lane, Sierra Drive, Sequoia Lea Drive, Little Brook Drive)

Parking Space Reminders
  • Parking spaces assigned to lots may be used only by the residents of the lots to which the parking spaces are assigned.
  • Parking spaces that are not assigned shall be available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • None of the unassigned parking spaces may be used for commuter parking. 
  • The Board of Trustees reserves the right to change the assignment of parking spaces or to cease the assignment of parking spaces at any time. 
  • The owner or resident of a lot with assigned parking spaces may cause the towing of any vehicle parked in their assigned parking spaces.
    • The Association, its Community Manager or its designee, may cause the towing of any vehicle parked in violation of the Association's governing documents. 

  • Each residence is assigned two parking spaces for their exclusive parking. 
  • No homeowner has more than two parking spaces and no one may use them without the owners' permission.
  • Assigned spaces are numbered with each resident's property lot number
  • Permits are NOT required to park in assigned spaces
  • Owners and/or authorized tenants may tow unauthorized vehicles from their assigned spaces at any time. 
  • Owners and/or authorized tenants must be present at the time the tow company arrives to tow the unauthorized vehicle from their assigned space. The resident/tenant MUST provide a photo ID to the tow operator as proof of residence.

Parking Violations
  • Parking violations subject to immediate towing by the HOA are:
    • Any vehicle found to be parked in a fire lane or parked within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant, will be towed immediately at the owner's expense. Fire lanes are designated by curbs that are painted yellow.
    • Double parking, piggyback parking, cars sharing one space will be subject to towing without notice.
    • Vehicles found parked on open space area sidewalks or grass areas, or which presents an imminent threat to person or property, shall we subject to immediate removal and towing at the owner's expense.

Towing Information:

For more information, contact the HOA Office by calling 703-830-0411, emailing
More information can be viewed by viewing the Little Rocky Run Parking Policy Resolution.