Little Rocky Run has many tennis and pickleball courts for residents to enjoy!
Information about Tennis DNA's fall classes can be viewed HERE. To sign-up for classes, click here.
These courts are located at:
- Little Rocky Run Circle and Sunset Ridge Road/Water Pond Court
     - Two courts are located next to Pool #1 and Rec Center 1. This facility features three courts, all of which can be used for tennis and pickleball.
- Springstone Drive 
     - Three courts were renovated in June 2019 and feature lines for both tennis and pickleball, as well as a rebound board for individual practice. This facility is located past Union Mill Elementary School. 
- Stonefield Drive
     - One tennis court, a court marked for both tennis and pickleball, as well as four pickleball-specific courts are located behind Rec Center #3 and Pool #3. The courts were completely renovated in 2020.
A key is needed to gain access to these facilities. These can be purchased in the HOA Office for $20. Credit cards, debit cards and checks are accepted.
If you find a court in need of service, please call the HOA Office at 703-830-0411 or email

TennisDNA is the tennis and pickleball provider in Little Rocky Run. For information about classes, please click here.