Due to overwhelming demand, we are currently out of tennis/pickleball court keys.
Stay tuned for an announcement once we receive more keys!

Little Rocky Run has many tennis and pickleball courts for residents to enjoy!
For information about TennisDNA, click here.
Information about TennisDNA Court usage can be viewed here.

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These courts are located at:
- Little Rocky Run Circle and Sunset Ridge Road/Water Pond Court
     - Two courts are located next to Pool #1 and Rec Center 1. This facility features three courts, all of which can be used for tennis and pickleball.
- Springstone Drive 
     - Three courts were renovated in June 2019 and feature lines for both tennis and pickleball, as well as a rebound board for individual practice. This facility is located past Union Mill Elementary School. 
- Stonefield Drive
     - One tennis court, a court marked for both tennis and pickleball, as well as four pickleball-specific courts are located behind Rec Center #3 and Pool #3. The courts were completely renovated in 2020.
A key is needed to gain access to these facilities. These can be purchased in the HOA Office for $20. Credit cards, debit cards and checks are accepted. The Little Rocky Run HOA Office DOES NOT accept cash. 

If you find a court in need of service, please call the HOA Office at 703-830-0411 or email

TennisDNA is the tennis and pickleball provider in Little Rocky Run. For information about classes, please click here.